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Product introduction

    由襄阳宇清传动科技有限公司提供的1450mm拉伸弯曲矫直机具体参数为:材质:适用于软态、半软态普碳钢板、不锈钢带及合金板带800-1280mm厚度:0.3~2.0mm    您可致我公司的销售人员、技术人员,免费咨询1450mm拉矫机的具体价格和使用相关问题!襄阳宇清传动科技有限公司多年来专注于各类冶金设备的销...

Quality assurance
■ Quality field only strategic partner, quality endorsement
■ Advanced manufacturing and equipment tooling, rigorous quality control and inspection process
■ 1 year free package exchange, lifelong service
Service guarantee
10 minutes corresponding mechanism, 24 hours to solve the problem, efficient service for strategic partner, quality endorsement
■ Provide quality inspection report and operation scheme for users free of charge
Cooperative guarantee
■Priority protection of cooperation area supply unique
■ Large scale cost advantage , competitive price competitive advantage

Xiangyu Yuqing Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

    Xiangyang Yuqing Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., established in May 1999, is located in No.5 Xinxing Road, High-tech Zone Automotive Industry Park, Xiangyang City with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and total assets of 290 million yuan. Roller company's leading products and high-end equipment, ball cage constant velocity universal coupling, non-standard bearings.

    Companies adhere to the "scientific and technological innovation, industry serve the country," the business, with technology digestion, absorption, innovation and transformation of the strong strength of the development of new products each year more than 10 species, the successful realization of high-end equipment, ball cage constant velocity universal coupling, non- Import substitution of standard bearings, enjoy a high reputation and popularity in the industry, and exported to India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran, Tanzania, Colombia and other countries.

    The company passed the ISO9001, TS16949 quality system certification, access to the "National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises," "Enterprise Technology Center in Hubei Province", "Science and Technology Venture Star Enterprise in Hubei Province", "innovative pilot enterprises in Hubei Province," Hubei Province, Support 100 science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises "and other qualifications and honors. The company has obtained 39 national patents, of which 4 were invention patents. The company developed enterprise standards such as ball-cage synchronous universal coupling and three-cylinder plunger pump bearings, and obtained the "Enterprise Standard Certificate" of Xiangyang Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

    Company from the work roll, roll support, roller and other straightening unit began to develop, and gradually extended to complete sets of high-end equipment, the successful development of the straightening leveler, multi-roll straightener, roller coater, disc shears, hydraulic scissors, Waste side coiler, broken phosphorus and other high-end equipment, Baosteel, Shougang, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, Anshan Iron and other large enterprises supporting.

    Company CV cage constant velocity universal coupling products, with a strong bearing capacity, high dynamic balancing accuracy, synchronization and good performance, are widely used in non-ferrous metal rolling transmission equipment, oil machinery transmission equipment, large heavy-duty special transmission transmission equipment, Lifting transmission equipment and other fields. At present, military test vehicles, military engineering vehicles, missile launch vehicles tractors, tanks and trucks, has adopted the company's products. "60th anniversary of National Day", "to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War," parade ceremony, the company's products glorious and successful supporting the application in the military parade.

    Companies in non-standard bearing products, customers can provide specialized technical services and product supply. Has developed a radial cylindrical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, joint bearings, roller bearings, composite roller bearings, high temperature roller bearings, with seat bearings, thrust bearings, pump bearings, backing bearings and many other Type of product. Product size minimum diameter of 20mm, the largest diameter of 1200mm; suitable for high speed, load, space, small occasions; suitable for high temperature, high pressure and other special conditions.

   In 2015, the Company successfully introduced the investment of Hubei Humpf Investment Co., Ltd., the second largest shareholder of Camel Group Co., Ltd. (stock code 601311). This is bound to further promote the development of enterprises better and faster!

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18 years of transmission quality management experience, strong technical R & D strength

  • 1、10 patents, 4 software copyrights, 3C, CQC certification
  • 2、12 years experience in core technology team
  • 3、National high-tech enterprises, provincial technology centers, provincial entrepreneurial star enterprises and other qualifications and honors

Advanced tooling manufacturing and quality control management, Yu Qing heart, you rest assured

  • 1、20 inspection process, 36 assembly process, 5 leading technology tooling
  • 2、Professional module dust welding, PC analog aging detection system
  • 3、The annual output of 150 thousand Tai, urgent, take time for large orders

Diversified products of leading counterparts, more efficient solutions

  • 1、Products supporting the application of military vehicles on parade, are exported to India, Vietnam, Iran and other countries
  • 2、Products include: ball universal coupling, non-standard bearings, roller parts, metallurgical finishing equipment
  • 3、As the focus of Hubei province to support 100 science and technology innovation enterprises, and the top 100 enterprises to join hands to develop high-end user market

Close service to ensure the whole operation of equipment worry free

  • 1、More than 5 years of professional engineers on-site commissioning, to ensure good operation of equipment
  • 2、Personnel free training, regular customer visits, permanent user files
  • 3、After sales 7*24 hours online, 10 minutes response mechanism, for your efficient service
  • Production equipment
  • Factory style

Because of professional trustYUQING CHUANDONG SHEBEI

Through ISO9001, TS16949 quality system certification, won the "national high tech enterprise", "Hubei provincial technology center", "Hubei province science and technology venture star enterprise", "innovative pilot enterprises in Hubei province", "Hubei province 100 key support technology innovation enterprise" and other qualifications and honor
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